San Diego Fishing Trip

Who doesn’t love catching big yellowtail and tuna with a beer in hand, and the sun shining down on them!?

Join us on an unforgettable fishing trip! Clients will meet at the Fisherman’s Landing in beautiful San Diego, California where everyone will check-in and board the boat! Staff will be there to help during this process, along with anything else you may need before departure. Each client will be assigned a trip number for both their Stateroom, and the tagging of their fish. The main deck features the dining saloon where all the meals will be served. There are also two restrooms on this deck, one with a shower. The lower deck is where all the other Staterooms are located. There are two bathrooms below, both with showers. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included- you will feel like you’re on a 5 star floating restaurant! The crew serves a variety of meals every night, this is the perfect way to end a great day of fishing! Our celebrity/celebrities will be along side you rippin’ lips and making memories to last a lifetime! Once we arrive back to the dock, we will unload your belongings while the crew gathers everyone’s fish and separates them accordingly. There will be multiple fish processing companies waiting at the dock. For an extra fee, they will transport all your fish to their cleaning facilities. They will then clean, package and freeze (if you choose to ship it all home), or they will cut and package for you to take home in an ice chest. Nothing like a freezer full of delicious, fresh fish!!

Additional Information

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