Florida Gator Hunt

Come join us on one of the most unique hunting trips you will ever experience!

Clients will fly into Melbourne,Florida. You will be picked up and transported to the comfortable, newly remodeled lodge just 20 min away! Upon arrival, after settling in, and getting to know your celebrity pro-staff member, you will have the option to head out on the swamp buggy for some night vision/ thermal hog hunting! The next day we will gear up and get after the gators! We will set bait lines in big bodies of water, or spot and stalk on small ponds. While stalking in on the ponds, be sure to keep watch for eyes just above the waters surface, looking for their next meal! Many clients choose a rifle, but others use archery equipment, or even a pistol! After the harvest, we will take the game to the local meat locker. They will process and freeze the meat for your trip home. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Additional Information

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