If you are looking for more of the “backcountry” feel elk hunt, this is your trip!

Clients will head to the north-eastern side of Oregon and meet in La Grande. This is where the 'Oregon Backcountry Outfitting' guide and our celebrity pro-staff member will join you. Then you will all head out into the Wallowa backcountry. The outfitters will pack all your gear in on horses. Clients can horseback in, ride bikes, or hike (no motorized vehicles allowed). When you arrive to camp, you will have a wall tent set up, cots, wood burning stove, and plenty of fire wood! This will be a 2 on 1 guided hunt. You will also have a camp cook making all your meals! Once you harvest your elk, the horses take over and pack it all out. Typical elk range from 250-340” with some clients harvesting even bigger bulls in previous years! You will never want to leave your home in the backcountry, but you will take back stories to last a lifetime!

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