This hunt is tailored to both the archery hunter, as well as the rifle hunter. With plenty of mule deer and antelope, clients will have plenty of opportunities for success!

We can hunt from a blind, or spot and stalk. This hunt takes place on Bullhead Hunting Club/Crawford Farms Ranch- located just outside of Winnamucca (area 051). It is the second largest private land holding in the state of Nevada, right at 130k acres. From alfalfa pivots surrounded by big sage flats, to mountainous terrain, this ranch has a little bit for everyone! With these landowner tags, clients will be able to hunt all seasons for both deer and antelope. The week we will be guiding, clients will be hunting archery deer and rifle antelope. Meals and lodging are both included. We also have a full walk- in cooler to hang your meat during the trip. We will field dress and prepare your trophies for the travel home, so make sure to bring your coolers! If big game in big country is your thing, then this is the trip for you!

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